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Hertz car audio warranty is valid for the period fixed by current laws, under normal functioning conditions, against defects concerning materials or their manufacturing. Warranty is valid from the date of purchase, certified by receipt.


Warranty is not valid if:
– the product is damaged by incidents, installations and inadequate use or by any causes not depending on materials or manufacturing defects;
– the product is modified or tampered by unauthorized people;
– its serial number is disguised or cancelled.


When the product is under warranty, its manufacturer will decide whether to repair or replace its defective parts. The faulty product must be taken to the retailer where it was purchased, by showing the warranty certificate completely filled in. In case the product is no longer under warranty, it will be repaired at current costs.
We don’t assume liabilities for damages due to transport. We are not responsible for: costs or loss of profits due to impossibility of using the product, other accidental or possible costs, expenses or damages met by the customer.


Warranty according to effective laws.


Hertz counterfeid products are offered for sale in the market.
Before purchasing a Hertz product, make sure that it is genuine.


How to recognise a Hertz counterfeit product

If you see or have purchased a product that you think is counterfeit, please report it to us fake@elettromedia.it

Fake products

In order to be sure that you are purchasing a genuine Hertz product, always contact a Hertz authorized dealer!
Hertz genuine products come from a long, thorough research; they are synonym of quality, selected materials and high-tech design.


A counterfeit product can’t offer the same performance as that of a Hertz genuine one. Further to checks which we carried out, these products are built employing second-choice materials, not complying with the Hertz QC strict standards, with outdated, unspecialized production techniques.

If you purchase a counterfeit product, you can’t enjoy the quality and acoustic performance of a Hertz product, you put at risk the audio system of your own car and you can’t take advantage of the Hertz official warranty.


We are constantly monitoring the sales channels, both the authorized and the unauthorized channels, especially on the internet, and we keep taking actions to fight the counterfeiting of our products.